About Us



Chad Kubanoff started his career path at age 14 at a local bakery washing dishes.  Through out high school he gained experience at the Mansion inn in New Hope, PA and Rat’s at Grounds for sculpture in Hamiltion, NJ.  After high school Chad moved to New York City to work at restaurant Daniel.  After forming a confidence with classical cooking Chad moved onto Alinea in Chicago to learn the modern techniques.  Chad’s desire to grow pushed him to travel the world and he settled in Vietnam.  After working as a Head Chef in Ho Chi Minh City for 3 years.  Chad and his wife opened Back Of The Bike Tours in 2010.  Back Of The Bike Tours is a tour company focused on showcasing Vietnamese Street Food.   In 2013 Chad and his wife decided to move back to America.  Chad is now focused on bringing the flavors that he fell in love with to Philadelphia.

Does Chad Cook Authentic Vietnamese Food?…Yes…Same Same but Different.